So , who am I? Still trying to figure that one out myself but this much I know: I’m Jay and I am obsessed with vintage.

I was force-fed on antiques and old houses as a child and I guess I grew to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of another time, when things were made with pride, to last.

I opened my shop ‘Found By Her’ on Etsy in May 2013 and haven’t looked back.  Making the move to our amazing 130-year-old Queenslander in the ‘country’ has enabled me to focus my energies on sourcing beautiful, quirky, functional objects for your home.

This blog will follow the adventures and misadventures of our lives here at The Old Farmhouse, my lovely little shop and the area around us – one that holds so much history, so many vintage stories!

Perhaps I’m a little bit crazy for dragging my family on this adventure – I am prone to getting these wild ideas then just going for it! Luckily my wonderful husband, Craig and my fabulous kids, Finn: a spunky little 10-year-old and Xanthe: an 8-year-old bright spark, don’t mind too much.

You only live once, though, don’t you…follow your dreams and all that! IMG_2285

Join me for the ride!

Jay x

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