My Six A.M: Notes from a Reluctant Early Riser

Early mornings are just NOT my thing.  I have always struggled to leave the comfy confines of my bed and tend to greet the day with a cranky-pants attitude and the crazy-person hairdo to go with it. Even the excitement of a treasure hunt, which often begins with a pre-dawn wake-up call, can have me questioning my ability to throw back the sheets – well for a split second anyway….the pull of new finds is a great motivator.

 Deep inside, though, I know I am missing out on a beautiful time of day, particularly these mild, shadowy Summer mornings before the blazing sun and dripping humidity kick in.

So, I set myself a challenge to leap out of bed at 6am for 5 days and

“Seize the Day”.


Gentle sunlight on the partially built egg shed/Hen Hilton/Chook Mahal/Cluckingham Palace!


A quiet cuppa on the side steps before my crowd arrives back from a walk.IMG_4552 IMG_4559

So many lovely squash growing in my garden with a little bit of pollination help from me.

IMG_4560 Cucumbers have sharp prickles on them! They look more like a cactus than something you’d eat. The things I’m learning….

IMG_4561 IMG_4562

 Flash biology lesson: female zucchini flower on the left, male on the right.IMG_4565

 Lots of crisp beans to harvest.


While planting a bed of flowers, a little gust of wind picked up the seed packet and tumbled its contents, scattering seeds as it went.  So now I have flowers growing in my carrot patch and in the cracks and crevices of my garden path.


My little garden companion, Jazz keeps me company each morning.IMG_4571

The carrots are so keen to be eaten, they are pushing themselves out of the ground!


Onions are coming along nicely.


There is a native tree on our property heaving with blossom at the moment, buzzing with the low and constant drone of hundreds of bees.  I managed to get a photo of these glassine wings captured in the briefest moment of stillness.

.IMG_4603 IMG_4609

My Birthday boy and the quiet moments before we were bombarded with kids and present time.  Craig trying out his new boardies.

Well, I proved to myself I could do it and while I won’t be rising at six everyday, I think I will be making more of a habit of it!

Are you an early-bird or a night-owl?

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2 thoughts on “My Six A.M: Notes from a Reluctant Early Riser

  1. Well done! I’m with you, that bed is comfy!

    Just a correction on your biology lesson…. the flowers are the other way around. The male is on the left, with all the pollen, and the female is on the right with the single stigma. Pollen goes on the sticky end of the stigma, then transfers to the ovary (base) which swells and produces your zucchini. Can’t have you thinking the wrong thing!

    1. Hey! It’s the other way around because the zucchini fruit is under the female flower! I pull off the single male stamen to pollinate the female which carries the zucchini fruit/squash/pumpkin/cucumber fruit in its swollen base 🙂

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