A Little Bit Famous

I was very lucky recently to have several of my Found By Her items chosen to feature in the Spring 2015 edition of Bride magazine. The story was written in collaboration with Etsy Australia so all the items in the photographs are handmade or found by Australian Etsians.

IMG_9127This season’s Bride magazine !

IMG_9134Found By Her pale sea foam bottles on this page.

IMG_9128Such a thrill to see my shop name in print!

IMG_1584Stunning photography, don’t you think? My old tailor’s shears look amazing here – they have since sold.

IMG_1585Found By Her silver-plate knife and fork from a 6-place setting.

IMG_1586And here are my sea foam bottles again – they come in a set of three.

Thanks Etsy Australia and Bride for this marvellous opportunity!

The Old Farmhouse Garden Update

Well here is where I left you with my Old Farmhouse garden project – a rather boring stretch of grass.  Fast forward a few months and you’ll see how much has happened since my last garden post!IMG_2830 In came the digger to excavate out the grass and poor Mount Crosby soil that will not even grow an eschalot!  He levelled the ground out, too, ready for Craig to build a retaining wall.

IMG_3202 We had about 5-and-a-half cubic meters of soil delivered which I (with a little help from Craig) shovelled into the trailer, drove around to the top garden then barrowed in.  It was a big job but very satisfying.

IMG_3784IMG_3785 This Mount Crosby soil is seriously so rubbish that Craig had to use a jackhammer to dig the post holes for the retaining walls!!!!IMG_3689

IMG_3687IMG_3690Then it was time to lay the garden path.  I used recycled pavers which we sourced cheaply on the internet. I didn’t like the tops of the pavers so I turned them over and found the pavers had developed a gorgeous patina over the time they had lain in their previous home.IMG_3855IMG_3857

Then the mulching began!

IMG_3891I planted tomato, potato and sweet potato plants, as well as some herbs and strawberry plants.  The rest went in as seeds.IMG_3874  Beans, of course, were the first to rear their pretty little heads.IMG_7725 Always joined by my garden helpers Oscar the Jack Russell, Jazzy Cat and Pearl the Whippet!IMG_8523 IMG_8531

IMG_1733Here are the beans today!IMG_8475

IMG_8465 Well, hello there little tomatoes!IMG_8464 The tiny beginnings of my flower patch.IMG_8485 The parsnips are finding their way to the sunshine…..IMG_8480 …as are the carrots and onions – some thinning is on my to-do-list.IMG_8476 My herbs are looking lush and are making their way into the cooking pot.IMG_8472The sweet potato is on the move……IMG_8460 …..and the pumpkins won’t be far behind.IMG_8458  I’m just loving this strawberry variety with its pretty pink petals.IMG_8533


Stay tuned for more updates to see how my garden grows!