Friday Fresh Finds {14 August 2015}

A visual round-up of newly listed finds in my Etsy shop! Click on the picture for more information.

An exciting mix of items this week from a service bell that belonged to “Phar Lap” trainer Harry Telford to a Vernaid illustrated bandage and lots of quirky finds in between. Remember Fathers’ Day is fast approaching so have a browse of my Mantiques and Curiosities sections for lots of unique gift ideas.

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Have a great weekend!

The Lemonade Stand

We are so lucky to live in a community that still holds some good ol’ fashioned values: where you smile and greet your neighbours, if you need help, someone is there for you, where kids can still be kids, mucking around in the bush and on their bikes.  So when dad, Todd Wilkinson posted on the residents’ Facebook page that his kids were holding a lemonade stand, the locals turned out in droves!


The kids: Jenae, 12, Liam, 10, Nathan, 10 and Scarlett, 5, worked hard to build the stand from scratch.  11791952_699886886782056_856417851052161428_o


Doesn’t it look fabulous?! I just love how the kids have been true to the traditional ‘lemonade stand’ style.  It certainly appeals to my vintage-loving sensibilities!!  The feeling was mutual, with lots of people commenting how it brought back memories of their childhoods – a simpler, more innocent existence.


They set up on the roadside last Sunday, stocked with delicious goodies: homemade lemonade, cordial, cupcakes, chocolate crackles and lollies – mm mm! A generous neighbour donated some hand-knitted beanies for the children to sell, too!


IMG_7093 IMG_7089




Some happy customers, above.


The kids told me that as much as the experience was about learning to work for a dollar, they were also very pleased to give the neighbours a treat. How’s that for community spirit?

After a successful morning, the kids had learned a thing or two about hard work, customer service and also raked in a tidy sum of around $80.  No doubt the Lemonade Stand will be making a regular appearance from now on!IMG_7096