Winners of the Jug Series – Have a Look at the Beautiful Entries!

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Claudia from @adiandbert this month in the Instagram competition #thejugseries.  There were more than 200 entries!  Such beautiful jugs beautifully styled.  Below are the winners and also some of my other favourites for you to enjoy.

Winner:  Lisa  @donnellday




This photograph really spoke to me with the jug gently shining out from the moody background. I love how Lisa captured the jug, which had belonged to her grandmother, and made it the “hero” of the image.


Runner Up #1: Wendy @wendypaulamuses


Wendy’s photo was one of the first entries and it really stayed with me the entire competition. The colours are just perfect: from the whole comforting, milky feel of the composition down to the way the rim matches the print on the cloth.



Runner Up #2: April @aprilsloves


Anyone who knows me or follows my feed would see that I’m a big fan of the “imperfectly perfect” and April has certainly captured my heart with this shot! Love the chippy old chair and the fabulous old zinc garden jug. The colours were also beautifully chosen to create that dreamy, spring-like tone but also allow the jug to become the feature.



Here are some more of my favourites.  You will see that I had a real task on my hands choosing winners!


Top row: @shannontuit4, @jocelynsimaginarium, @sarahpcorder, @britt_throndsen

Second row: @sunshinejode, @petiteharvest, @lilypondgeelong, @traceyc1968

Third row: @nourish.and.nurture, @coffeepaperyarn, @12cmk, @theblackhen

Last row: @the_warehouse_at_woodside, @yardagedesign, @cookelish_creek, @mysuburbanfarm

Which is your favourite…..?

Reviving Old Timber

When I discover my treasures, they are often a little worse for wear and require lots of TLC: washing crockery in hot, soapy water, soaking the insides of old bottles with fizzy denture tablets, polishing the black from tarnished silver, scrubbing away grime, dusting away, well, dust…the list goes on. I find a lot of timber items which have seen better days and while I love the gorgeous, rustic patina of old wood, it can sometimes do with a little TLC as well and NO, I do not think a lick of white paint and a little ‘shabbying up’ is the ticket (the thought makes me shudder!),  I love to give my timber items a soothing spa treatment with my home-made wax.

I was told about this recipe by one of my vintage-selling friends and it comes from the website Crunchy Betty – thanks Betty!

You will need:

  • 2 Tbsp beeswax finely grated or in beads – this can be purchased from most health food shops.
  • 6-7 Tbsp olive oil
  • a glass jar
  • a saucepan with water
  • a spoon

1) Finely grate 2 Tbsp of beeswax (I doubled the recipe because I use so much!)IMG_60902) Place it in the jar you want to store it in then pop the jar in some steaming hot (not boiling) water but do not let the water overflow into the jar. Leave it to melt, stirring occasionally – don’t be worried if it clumps together, it will eventually melt.IMG_60953) Once the wax has melted, add around 7 Tbsp of olive oil. The mixture might lump up again a bit but just keep stirring until the liquid becomes clear.IMG_6092When it’s ready, it should look lovely and clear like this….IMG_6105Leave it to cool and it will eventually look like this…IMG_6108Now find all your lovely timber and get your polish on! This wax protects and nourishes the timber while maintaining its gorgeous scuffed, worn character.IMG_6075I use my hands (this wax also makes a great skin moisturiser!) but you may use a soft cloth if you wish. Slap it on and rub it in. Some timber may be thirstier than others so have another go if it all soaks in.IMG_6077Here I have polished the top and half of the front of this old home-made fishing tackle box – see the difference!IMG_6078The wax really brings out the grain and highlights the patina.

IMG_6084  For best results leave for about 10-30 minutes then buff with a soft, clean cloth.  This should then leave a non-greasy finish to your timber.

I’m sure you’ve all got a little piece of tired timber at your place, why not give this easy recipe a go! Best of all, it’s all natural and food-safe so it can be used on items like breadboards.

Competition: Win this Jug!


This month, in collaboration with Claudia (@adiandbert), I am offering this beautiful little 19th century French St. Uze jug as a prize in her #thejugseries competition on Instagram.

If you would like the chance to win this little piece of history, you need to have a public Instagram account and follow these steps:

1. Follow @foundbyher and @adiandbert on Instagram

2. Tag a friend and invite them to join in

3. Post a NEW picture featuring a jug, vase or urn theme to #thejugseries

The competition runs until the 19th July and will be judged by yours truly!

Enter as many times as you like.

If you would like some inspiration, have a look at some past competition entries under the hashtags: #thespoonseries, #theforkseries, #thebotanicalseries, #theknifeseries, #theteacupseries or on Claudia’s blog